A to Z

  • Premiered Friday, 03 October 2014
  • on NBC (USA).
  • Genre : Comedy
A to Z
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This is the A-to-Z story of Andrew and Zelda - a pair that almost wasn't - and all that happened from the day they met. Andrew has always been a secret romantic... not above crooning to Celine Dion while driving to work, with dreams of finding "the one". He imagines her to be just like that shimmering beauty he spotted that night in that silver dress at that concert two years ago. Zelda, having grown up with a hippie mom who believed the universe would provide for everything, rebelled into a no-nonsense practical lawyer who prefers the control of online dating. But when a computer glitch sends her a total mismatch, she's asked to come in for an interview at the Internet dating site where Andrew works, and this is where it all begins. Andrew and Zelda meet for the first time and despite their differen


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Air Date
Thursday, 02 Oct 2014
Thursday, 09 Oct 2014
Thursday, 16 Oct 2014
Thursday, 23 Oct 2014
Thursday, 30 Oct 2014
Thursday, 06 Nov 2014
Thursday, 13 Nov 2014
Thursday, 20 Nov 2014
Thursday, 11 Dec 2014
Thursday, 18 Dec 2014
Thursday, 08 Jan 2015
Thursday, 15 Jan 2015
Thursday, 22 Jan 2015

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